1.It is the X coordinate of the shape that was copied.
2.It is the Y coordinate of the shape that was copied.
3.copy the coordinates.
4.Move to the coordinates that have been copied.
5.Align to Top, Middle,and Bottom.
6.Align to Left, Center, and Right.
7.Invert X, Y, Z coordinates, the position of multiple shapes.
8.Replace the coordinates of the shape of the two is selected.

usage:First, click the copy button. Second, select to align to key object.

Download:PositionManager.mxp CS3 or more.

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  1. Nice job! It’s great to see other folks using the JSML library to build panels.

  2. thank you, john. JSML library is useful and very easy.

  3. Nice extension, i like it, very useful!

  4. Thank you, Timur. I hope to your help. your windows phone shared library is very nice too.