I need this extension, and made it in two days. In these codes use Japanese comment, maybe work in English. Try this, if you can.

  • Code-delete:Delete selected lines.
  • Code-move-up:Move up selected lines.
  • Code-move-down:Move down selected lines.
  • Code-duplicate-up:Copy selected lines, duplicate above.
  • Code-duplicate-down:Copy selected lines, duplicate below.

Check with: windows xp sp3, Dreamweaver 8-CS6

Download: CodeEditUtils.zip

Check with: windows7, Dreamweaver CC

Download: CodeEditUtils.zxp

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  1. It works like charm (CS5). Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks! just a little bug I found is when selecting full of a row and press Ctrl + Alt + D, it deletes 2 rows. I’m waiting for your fix. Thanks again!

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  4. hmm, unfortunatly doesnt seems to work for me with DMW 5.5

  5. It works in CS6. Thank you.

  6. Awesome!!!